Oct 28, 2009

Confused As Always!

OMG... 'Confusion maxima'.. That should be the phrase I should attach to my name..

I am often always confused.. Confused as to what decision to take, which course to follow, which friend to meet, what to eat, which book to read.. and so on and so forth.. :-(

I often wonder why I get torn apart in between choices so badly.. Say, if given 2 options, I always prefer BOTH.. :-D .. God knows what would happen if I participate in shows like "xxx ka Swayamvar" et al.. :-P

Being the LIBRAN that I am, I have always been like this. Today, I changed my blog template for the umpteenth time.. I never seem to get pleased with any template; even if I do, I never know which one pleases me the most.. I have used almost all the templates blogspot has to offer.. plus, have tried other tutorials too.. But nothing seems to fit the bill.. Minima, Rounders, Scribe, Harbor, Denim, Snapshot, Thisaway, Tictac.. have tried all at least once.. :-P

On the flip side, this attitude of mine works positively for me as well.. Because in the process of deciding what to do (and what not to do), I often end up thinking so much that maximum light is thrown on all aspects concerning the point.. It helps me a lot when brainstorming with friends on many issues..

But, still, I am confused.. Is this attitude of mine more of a boon or a curse?? Maybe... BOTH... :-D


Anoop said...

Decision making is a problem for every1 around u.. wat tat really matters is to take the right decision..khe khe khe...
as u said, it ll help u to think in al aspects.. but u shud stick to ONE blog template.. :P

n nice pic... khe khe khe..

n don get confused okkkkkkkkk..? deal?
hey if u need any help to take crucial decisions, y dont u ask me? i will try my best NOT to help... as m bad too in makin decisions.. ;)

PS: it took one hour for me to read al ur comments on my blog n publish it.. ;)
thanks a lot pooja... :D

Advaita said...

as enjoyable as the last post where i commented.... but yeah on a lighter side it was.. :-)

Nethra said...

This dilemma (of being confused) happens with almost everyone. If not everyone, at least it happens with me. So, go easy girl. Don't bang your head. :)

Sundeep said...

happens with me many times...
many times, i think back on them and think y did i not do the right thing on 1st go?

nicely written :)

Pooja Menon said...

@ Anoop.. yeah.. sure.. I'll come to you as and when I am in need.. ;-) .. And blog templates.. I'll make sure I stick to this one now.. And yeah.. Reading your blog was my pleasure.. :-).. Thanks for your comments too.. :-)

@ Adviata.. Thanks a ton..! :-)

@ Nethra.. Hehe.. Sure.. Thanks for commenting..!

@ Sundeep.. Thanks a ton..! ..

After reading all comments, I feel so good.. It's not just me who's like this!.. ;-)

Thanks all.. :-)

NEHA said...

this should have come a lot before . .
right . . !!??!!
and to add to what you have writen, after spending hours on deciding what to choose, we do spend great amount of time in analysing if we have made the right selection . .
and right - from our perspective and others as well . . (very close to Sundeep's comment)
Also, needless to add, but very well written. . crisp and expressive . . :) :)

vamsi said...

I totally agree with ur concept of confusion..The funniest part was u blogged about changing d template of the blog..lolz..good n funny post..had fun reading it..:)

Sorcerer said...

Dear Confused

Always carry a coin
wear helmet


vineet said...

decision makin in critical times sux bt dat checks the metal out of u,,stay tune..make errors again n again n world will b a beatific place to live on..all i can say..i thnk u r wat u r..jus hang on

Ketan - www.ketansnadar.com said...

Confused whether to post a comment or not to comment...
but in the end if you think a bit before taking a decision you will surely land in the right and effective output...
the same which i did and i was able to comment on this blog...
ha ha

Pooja Menon said...

@ Neha.. Yeah true.. We do vacillate a lot even after a decision is taken.. :-P .. Thanks anyways, trying to improve post by post... :-)

@ vamsi.. I seriously face a lot of problems.. I am happy that I haven't changed my template since the last 2 posts.. :-P

@ Sorcerer.. Yes Sire..! Thanks.. :-)

@ vineet.. Thanks .. :-)

@ Ketan.. Hehe.. So, It's not just me who's the victim of the bug 'confusion'.. :-P .. Thanks anyways... :-)

Praveen said...

After reading this i'm reminded of the poem "The Road not taken".

Pooja Menon said...

@ praveen.. Hmm.. I see.. RObert Frost?? :)