May 1, 2011

The Last Breath

He felt suffocated, trapped in the warm liquid. Its stench around him was unbearable. The need for fresh air was increasing as his nostrils started getting clogged. His throat soon started burning with the gush of the liquid within. He prayed for light & air but felt dazed and groggy. A strong force was helping him towards the much needed freedom but wasn't strong enough to help him out. In moments, he was saved by a painful yet strong pull but he couldn't breathe due to the liquid in his lungs. His head throbbed and his heart felt weak pumping as much blood it could. He tried opening his eyes unsuccessfully. He couldn't let out any sound as much as he tried. The pats on his back were harder now and he could hear faint voices. His fight soon ended as he breathed his first and last while he let out a gurgling sound. The doctor turned to the nurse and spoke with dismay, "It was a boy!"