Dec 27, 2009

Inspired again!

Inspiration for me doesn't come easily. Only twice in life before this have I got inspired. For the third time, I got inspired; this time from a movie.

3 idiots. The finest movie of 2009. It sent out a very sensible social message which said, "Strive for Excellence, Success will follow". I immediately made note of it and realized that most of us always state "Success" as one of our goals little understanding that it is only our goal and not the path to reach the goal. In simpler words, the destination is "Success", but the road to be taken is "Excellence".

If you strive to be good at what you do, you needn't worry for being successful. When you are good at your work, success comes to you with open arms. But for that you need to do what you love doing. Most of us always run behind lucrative careers. We leave behind all our aspirations just to earn money and end up being in the wrong field. It strains us and leads to unhappiness.

After watching the movie, I decided; now I am not gonna let go the love of my life. I will pursue it no matter how much inconvenience it causes me. This actually changed me as an individual. Now it really doesn't matter to me if I don't be successful in my field of interest. I know I am good at it; and that's what matters most.