Nov 29, 2009

CAT 09 Tales !!

The post below is purely a work of fiction.. Any resemblance to any person/persons living and/or dead and/or any institution is purely co-incidental..

Last midnight, there was a calm knock on my door.. I opened it to find Pythagoras and Shakespeare standing at the steps in their regal postures; Pythagoras with his typical Greek robe on and Shakespeare wearing a large white collared suit.. I pulled out 3 chairs, handed them a cup of green tea each and Shakespeare said, "What art thou waiting for? Open thy books!".. Cursing, I removed my books & a pen, and started solving sums in Math and English when both knocked menacingly on my head to tell me I wasn't following rules related to their respective fields well.. I frowned.. :-( .. Pythagoras drew me a large right-angled triangle with all its medians, altitudes, angle-bisectors & perpendicular bisectors, and asked me to find out the length of the circum-radius & in-radius.. Shakespeare handed me a fat book, opened the page to 'Julius Caesar', asked me to read it aloud explaining the meaning of each verse and understanding the figures of speech used.. Both kept bombarding on my head when, suddenly, it started raining inside my house.. "Get up!", growled my Mom with a jar of water in her hand..

Yeah.. For those who are baffled by now, the above mentioned para describes my latest dream.. And for those with me, I am sure thinking of going to my family physician and I wouldn't be least surprised if he tells me that I am suffering from Arithmophobia..

CAT, meaning the Common Admission Test, is scheduled for me on 2nd December 2009.. For starters, CAT is an entrance test for MBA aspiring candidates conducted by the highly coveted IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) situated at 7 locations pan-India..

CAT and I have actually had a long term 'love & hate' relationship.. Long time ago in the year 2007, in a bid to woo it, I dared to flirt with it.. The result; it kicked me out of its region like a filthy whining stray dog.. I had taken some coaching for 4 months then, but made the mistake of over-estimating myself and under-estimating 'the CAT'.. Thereafter, I stayed away from it like a rain-drenched teeny mouse stays away from the literal cat..

After 2 years now, I jostled up some courage and decided to give it a peck once again.. Filled up the form for the sake of it; but realized that I am supposed to study, pretty late.. So, starting my preparation 5 days ago and a week before my CAT, I have gone berserk.. Yet, not being prepared completely will not deter me this year as well, being the shameless individual I am! But still my spirits are high and I am sincerely hoping for some miracle to happen since Pythagoras and Shakespeare are indeed backing me this time.. :-P

Nov 22, 2009

Falling in LOVE..!!

This one was the first concrete poem I ever wrote some 4 years ago.. Being very emotional at heart, I penned this one down when I realized what's love.. When I read it today, I chuckle owing to the innocent childishness the poem possesses.. Yet, its purity still amazes me..


Falling in Love is like a dream,
I want to, but cannot scream.

His name is etched on my heart,
To love him endlessly is on my part.

I feel, I'm on top of the world,

"I am yours", is what he told.

Trust is what he always asks for,

I'll give it to him, that's for sure.

Our love is as pure as the Ganges,

It will never die for ages.

One day when our hair turns gray,

All I'll do is just pray.

That when I take my last breath,

And come face to face with death,

It's his lap, on which i wanna lie,

And say goodbye to the world and die...