Feb 25, 2010

Back Again

It's been more than a month since I last blogged. It's impossible for me to believe that my studies could actually keep me away from writing for such a long time. 2 weeks of hard-core & sincere effort (despite deciding to study for 30 days) is what I put in for my last MBA entrance exam for this academic year. It's actually way more than what I studied for my final year degree examinations. :-P

The sheer fear of losing out on one more year, like I did last year, made me put all the effort this year. That's the only reason I stayed away from the internet and eventually from blogging for one long month. The moment my exam was done, I decided I would be blogging, just that I didn't know on what topic. Finally after loads of pondering over the idea of what topic to write on, I thought this time I'll just write and not think. 38 days to go for my results. Till that time, I have vowed to be positive about it. :-) And till that time I have nothing to do. So, I have decided I'll be pampering the first & second love of my life to the max, which without the slightest doubt are reading & writing.

After my exam, I treated myself to all things that I possibly could. Saw a movie (unfortunately MNIK), went to a nice mela with friends, ate fattening & unhygienic food, had lots of teenager-like fun there, ate chicken & drank like a fish at a cafe, shopped at Colaba, saw umpteen old movies at home, downloaded all new songs & movies according to availability, purchased loads of books to read, some movie DVDs to watch, and now making a list of other things to do as well. :-)

Yesterday, I purchased 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel from Strand Book Stall at Bajaj Bhavan. This was one book that I really wanted since a long time. And by the way, all bibliophiles, it's just 3 more days to go for the Sale at the Book Stall. I urge you all to go and give yourself a feast. :-)

Finally, it's getting too long now. And yeah, have decided to take part in Blog-a-Ton 8, my first; and other such contests. Gearing up for a long 30 days of date with words. :-) Ciao...