May 31, 2010

Love, *Conditions Apply!

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Love - A 55 Fiction

Love, *Conditions Apply!

“I love you darling, but…” It disturbed Ravi, the ‘but’. Two years ago, he had left everything for his love. The same love was betraying him today. The end had neared. After having fought against the society for so long, Amey’s sorrowful words pierced through Ravi’s heart, “…I have to go back to my wife!”

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May 17, 2010

The Last Touch

55 Fiction. It is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to  maximum of fifty-five words. This is my third and hope to better myself each time I write one.. Read on..

The Last Touch
She kissed his palm. He felt the hot tears on her cheeks. They kissed each other. She saw his haggard face; and remembered it was time. Sobbing, she closed her eyes; placed her hand on his chest. The heart which lived for her was not beating anymore. She kissed his forehead for the last time.

P.S.: I was inspired to write on a theme based on love after I helped a friend with a post yesterday. Love has a very deep meaning. Love derives more meaning and becomes stronger once the one who loved you, leaves you due to NO fault of either of the two people in Love.

The second inspiration was this song, 'Unchained Melody' by Airsupply. The guy, in the story, had died earlier and had got some powers due to which he came back to earth, and the girl could ONLY feel him but NOT see him, even after his death. He finally had to leave the earth forever and that was when the song was picturised. Listen to it, and I bet, you will shed a tear or two..