Jan 21, 2010

The Dark Journey

55 Fiction. This concept had really amazed me when I first heard of it. For starters, 55 Fiction is a concept where a story has to be conveyed in less than 55 words. I always thought I'll go through a couple of such stories first and then come up with my own. But I never got a suitable topic for writing one, given the word limit. Finally when I came up with a topic, it didn't even take me 2 minutes to convert my thoughts into words. Here's my first in the world of 55 Fiction. Enjoy.. 

The Dark Journey
He crouched within the dark space wondering when he'll get fresh air. The air was closing upon him to throw him out. He felt suffocated but relieved in anticipation that his dark journey would now end. Finally, he was forced out and he let out a wail as he was patted on his bottom.

Jan 9, 2010

Remote Control

Competition.. A race to be ahead of others can take a toll over kids/teenagers who start feeling that their elders who pester them to study are actually their enemies.. No late-night parties, no clubbing, no friends, no late-night chats but excellent percentages; that's what many parents want of their children.. This poem is dedicated to all kids/children who feel that their life is unreasonably controlled by their parents/ elders..

My life operates with a remote control,
Press a button & I'll grow cold;
Press another, I'll speak,
Slap me hard, I'll squeak.

Ask me to talk, I'll open my mouth,
When the need's over, I'll go to my couch;
Ask me to lie down, I'll obey,
I'll fold my hands, make you God & pray.

You shout, You bark, You kick,
You scream, I won't give a shit;
I'll watch all you do without retaliating,
After all, I'm not a human being.

Jan 1, 2010

Notification for my New Blog..

As the year 2009 went by, I came across a lot of new people, new incidents and new experiences; some negative, some positive. I realized, I learnt a lot from all of such things. If such learnings can be summarized into one line, I would be able to remember them for the rest of my life. I have shared, and will keep sharing in the future, some of such thoughts of mine in my new blog, the link of which is.. http://gyaanshyaan.blogspot.com/

Happy Reading..

And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers... :-)