Oct 14, 2011

Yours, Forever

She waited outside the window in the pitch dark night, looking at the drama unfolding inside. She knew it would be time soon.

People inside were shedding tears of sorrow, while she was drenched with tears of joy. After all these years, she had almost forgotten that this situation would have normally demanded a grim attitude.  She had lost all of those feelings now. And moreso, she knew he was going to come, so there was no possibility of any sorrow.

Suddenly, the wailing inside increased. At the right moment she moved in through the window, and stood beside his figure. The people surrounding him on the bed were beating their chests and wailing sorrowfully. The doctor drew the white sheet over his head.

She welcomed him with a smile as he rose from the bed without effort and held her hand. She had waited long enough. He planted a kiss on her forehead as they started walking through the people and drifted towards the sky without ever looking back.