Jun 26, 2010

3 things!

Firstly, Nethra ... Thanks for the tag :)

Here goes..

* 3 Famous Names of Mine: Pooja, Poo, Menon

* 3 Things that Scare Me: My Elder Brother(though he's not a thing), Darkness, Dogs

* 3 Things that make me Smile: Soft Romantic Songs, Playing with Babies, Eating Chicken

* 3 Things that I Love: (Since it's things..).. My Laptop, My Collection of Books, Tasty Food .. :P

* 3 Things I Hate: Unnecessary Attitude in wannabes, Being in the Limelight, Hunger for Power in people

* 3 Things I don't understand: Shakespearen English :P, The Caste System in India, My Love for HIM :)

* 3 Things I am doing right now: Thinking for & Writing this post, Eating Lays :P,  Listening to AR Rahman 

* 3 Things I can't do: Say 'NO' to someone, Compromise over something, Climb a Tree :P

* 3 Things I think you should listen to: Birds at dawn, Me..singing :P, My MOM..shouting at Me (you'll marvel at how much I can endure :P)

* 3 Shows I watched as a Kid: Disney Hour, He-Man on DD, Tom & Jerry shows

* 3 Things I want in a Relationship: LOVE, FIDELITY and COMPATIBILITY

* 3 Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me: Height, Maturity, Confidence

* 3 Favorite Fictitious Characters: Aladin (the one with the magic lamp), Mowgli, Howard Roark from The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)

* 3 Favorite Hobbies: Writing, Reading Fiction, Eating my nephew's head :P

* 3 Beverages I drink regularly: Tea, Tang, Buttermilk (Salted Lassi for Starters :P)

* 3 Things I like about myself: My Tolerance, My Love for Mom, My Patience with Kids

* 3 Things I hate about myself: My Laziness, and thus My Weight Gain, My Ego

* 3 Things I'm wearing right now: A miniature hair clip, Shorts, T-Shirt

* 2 Truths and a Lie: I Love Living, I Hate Confessing my Love to Someone, I NEVER LIE :D

* 3 People I pass this tag to: VibushanRomeo Das, Sriram Agarwal

Hope you people do the tag, and pass it on.. Adios.. :)


Advaita said...

nice light hearted one..... but when u write about 3 things i cant do.

you said saying no to someone, compromise on anything, climb a tree.... isn't the first point in logger heads with second one? or am i understanding it in a different way?

Nethra said...

Thanks for doing the tag! :)

By the way, how does your nephew's head taste? Better than chicken,huh? :p

Anyway, it was nice to know a little more about you. :)

deepa kashyap said...

liked all the points ending with *:P* !!

vEnKy said...

"3 Things I can't do: Say 'NO' to someone, Compromise over something"

Doesnt the 2 contradict. You gotta compromise to not say no dont you?

vamsi said...

Nice post.. You have mentioned that you dont understand the caste system in India.. Though controversial, I have decided that I will write about it in the next post of my spirituality blog..Do read it..I will intimate you when I post it :)

Shivani Singh said...

3 things I like abt u:-
Ur sweet,gud writer,and gud @ heart :)