Jul 20, 2010

"Not-so-feminine" ME

Nethra.. Thanks for tagging me.. :-) And sorry for doing it so late.. Some issues are keeping me real busy since a couple of weeks.. So, I'm away from social networking.. Though, I'll be back soon..

The following are the ten Not-So-Feminine features about ME.. Hope you all will enjoy the read! :)

All people who know me well, will for sure not believe what I've written below, 'coz I love being called feminine and I'm mostly called so by many. But, all of it is true. Only my Mom, brother and one or two friends have witnessed in person what I'm confessing below. So read on.. :-D

1. I always used to fancy riding heavy bikes, in place of stupid pink scootys (No offence intended to the ones who ride any :-D). The most bizarre thought that caught my mind was a few months ago, when my brother was supposed to sell off his Unicorn, to buy a car. That was when I thought of approaching him, and asking him to sell me the bike instead. :-P .. Don't ask me if I ended up asking him or not. Read the 2nd point of my last post instead. :-D

2. I prefer wearing t-shirts (which are meant for men and thus, tend to be 10 sizes bigger than mine) and boxer shorts (meant for men) when at home, instead of feminine shorts or track pants. This is due to the simple fact that I always prefer wearing what I feel comfortable in.

3. I hate going to the beauty parlor. Not that all girls love going to a parlor, but my reasons for hating it are not  so feminine. I love being natural; without any traces of foreign particles on my skin, hair or nails. I'm the happiest when I haven't plucked my eyebrows, waxed my skin, bleached my face or manicured my hands for about three to four months. :-P

4. I like sitting like men, without any inhibitions. With hands crossed behind the head, elbows stretched outwards and one foot resting on the knee of the other leg. Only a handful people have seen me in this pose, 'coz I'm mostly pretending. :-P (Once in a blue moon, you may catch me standing like a man too, when I'm not paying attention :-D)

5. I love fighting with my nephew the way his dad (my brother) fights with him. Not that this quality is really masculine, seems kiddish instead. :-P

6. I have a rather husky voice, instead of the typical feminine sweet voice. That makes me sound rather too old for my voice to some, and too young to some.

7. I have a coffee mug which is too loud and bold to be possessed by a female. I had purchased it from CCD after having liked the pattern on the mug.

8. I don't haggle with vendors or shopkeepers for reduction of prices. Like many naive males, I end up paying what I'm asked to. That's sounds real stupid of me, but sincerely I hate shouting at the top of my voice and letting all around me know what I'm purchasing and for how much!

9. I don't have a craving for chocolates like many females. Instead, I hate eating sweets. Only when required, I can have a piece or two of a sweet of my choice.

10. Lastly, the quality that makes me feel proud about myself and for sure will be a boon for my partner. I HATE GOSSIPING AND BITCHING even with girls. I never join girly groups to discuss good-looking boys or bitch about girls. I rather hang around with guys or with girls when they're not bickering. :-P

So, these were the 10 'not-so-feminine' things about me, according to me and some close friends. Hope it was a good read. And, I ain't carrying forward the tag because it's too late now and most of my blogger friends have already done it or have been tagged by someone else. Adioss... :-)


Raphael said...

that's an interesting tag!

it's funny how most of us have these un-feminine traits in us. [yes, despite my misleading masculine sounding blogger name, I'm a girl.

my dominant un-feminine trait would be sitting like men do. legs and elbows sprawled out.

Nethra said...

Hey, thanks for doing the tag.

Mohammed Ibrahim (Admin) said...

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Saurabh said...

Don't know how I reached your blog. But surely it put a smile on my face.

We need more people like you who. Do you also think of punching someone on the face when you are upset rather than hoping god will punish him/her. :D

ladylavendersays said...

I was googling my own name and ended up at your blog. Nice to find a fun blog, that too by my namesake. And we seem to have a few things in common. Love for books and I order all my books from flipkart as well. :D

I did do a similar post on my blog a few months back. Do check it out if you've got the time and inclination