Jan 9, 2010

Remote Control

Competition.. A race to be ahead of others can take a toll over kids/teenagers who start feeling that their elders who pester them to study are actually their enemies.. No late-night parties, no clubbing, no friends, no late-night chats but excellent percentages; that's what many parents want of their children.. This poem is dedicated to all kids/children who feel that their life is unreasonably controlled by their parents/ elders..

My life operates with a remote control,
Press a button & I'll grow cold;
Press another, I'll speak,
Slap me hard, I'll squeak.

Ask me to talk, I'll open my mouth,
When the need's over, I'll go to my couch;
Ask me to lie down, I'll obey,
I'll fold my hands, make you God & pray.

You shout, You bark, You kick,
You scream, I won't give a shit;
I'll watch all you do without retaliating,
After all, I'm not a human being.


vamsi said...

short and sweet..I totally agree with u in this aspect..there are many kids who are not able to pursue their passions in life because of the peer pressure to study..Well, the present scenario also is to be blamed..lot of competition..so wat can d poor kids really do??..lets hope for a change..Nice poetry yar..short, sweet and message oriented..:)

Nethra said...

I agree with you, parents should teach us how to survive and other better things than making us study all the time. I am not saying studying wont help but we need to have fun too. :)

Manan said...

Lucid expressions here.. Explosive thoughts - brilliantly penned.. keep rollin'

Nikhil Patokar said...

After all, I'm not a human being...

really this issue has reached heights these days...need to have solution on this..

maybe you would like to check my post on the same..

Dr. Priteesh Chotai said...

Simple and straight to the point. 'Gandhigiri' is quite evident here. It actually works. Because it can produce worst state of mind- guilt in the inflictor of pain.

Though, I personally felt that the reality isn’t that bad. It may be true for 1 in 10 families. That’s definitely not a number to be ignored, but in the end, I felt that this one depicted an extreme case. At one point, I felt you were talking about yourself.

Even if I am not true, I support the thought of writing it out!

Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai

Anonymous said...

good work.....

Pooja Menon said...

@ all.. Thanks a lot.. :-)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Emotions well captured :)

Pooja Menon said...

@Vibhushan.. Thanks a ton!