Apr 14, 2010

Target 17-17 in MBA-CET GD PI

Hi Folks,

The CET results being out now, the only hurdle ahead of us is to crack the GD PI and improve the chances of getting into a good B-school.

CETKING workshops (Andheri, Mumbai) help you do exactly that. With our workshops you can..:
1. Target 17-17 in GD-PI
2. Meet JBIMS/SPJain alumni who have been there, done that
3. Get primers/notes on all latest events & news and improve your content knowledge by leaps and bounds
4. Get tips on how to give a perfect interview
5. Take part in as many as 2 GDs in every session and evaluate & view 4 others (You can avail of 4, 8 or 12 sessions as per your needs)

The 3rd batch starts 24th April, 2010. So, do not waste time and CALL 9619599064 for more information and to register yourselves.



Jidhu Jose said...

best of luck dear

Garf said...

Hello...my first visit here. Looks like u r in, in a big way for ur MBA..all the best for that.Keep posting....it was nice here. C yah on ur future posts...

Vishwa said...

hi this is my first visit.. 55 fiction is catchy..!!!

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Good luck :)